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Garblog (Yeah, I don't know if that title works)

I'm gonna blog here! I'll also put site updates here.

2024/04/11 - Plein air and rediscovering the magic of public transit

The weather's been nice and I'm tired of trying to coordinate with the schedules of everyone I know, so I've been getting to know the city by myself through aimlessly going on public transit and letting it take me wherever it'll take me. And so I ended up at the lake multiple times over the past few days, and I even brought some paints with me one time!

I'm really enjoying this whole "plein air" schtick. I feel as though my zest for life has been replenished! I also got a new watercolor palette that I've been filling with old watercolors laying around my house. I've been trying to decide which colors to add and which colors to not add... My favorite pigments by far are the phthalocyanine family. They're all very vibrant and look good no matter if they're mixed with something else, concentrated or diluted... they always look nice. I'll add a better view of the painting I made to my watercolors page when I revamp it!

2024/04/08 - Eclipse time!

Today's the day! I've been patiently waiting for the total solar eclipse for years. Ever since the last total eclipse that passed over America in 2017, I've been disappointed that the path of totality didn't include me, but eagerly excited that the next one would. So here we are the day of, (I'm writing this before the eclipse) and it's cloudy! Damn it! I've been anticipating this for the past 7 years because it's April, but damn...

7 years ago I was quite young, and I was envisioning what life would be like 7 years in the future. And now that I'm here... I have my shit way less together than I'm supposed to. In my imaginings of the far future, I'm in university, I have a bob, I'm wearing a cool sleek black turtleneck... now for my past self's sake I am in fact wearing a bob and a black turtleneck, things I am in control of over the short term, but I've fallen rather behind the rest of folks my age. Things aren't exactly what I thought they would be, but I'll get there eventually.


Turns out I got to see it after all! I'm pleased with that turnout. It was really cool how the temperature plummeted and it got all dark. Hooray!

2024/03/23 - It's spring, and people don't like bones!

It's officially springtime! For some reason, we only got snow after the equinox. Otherwise, it's been the lamest winter ever. I've been chipping away at more webcomic pages, and that's about it. For the phonies ARPG, I released a set of new bones that match their new anatomy, reflecting how they're essentially just weird mutant palindromes. But they ended up not being very popular, so I'm a little bummed about that. Trying to think of a solution that everyone is satisfied with, but some people just don't like peaches so maybe I won't be able to reach it.

2024/03/16 - Chugging along...

I'm back! I haven't done much here. I've been making those shrines I said I was gonna make in the last entry. I need to actually learn more about turing patterns because I don't want to spread misinformation in the turing pattern shrine. I've been really busy lately, I've been working at a festival that's gone on for the entirety of spring break as well as the weekends before and after that week. So that's nine days in a row, and I've hardly got any free time! But I'm almost through it. I'm also working on another chapter for my HnK fanfiction but I kind of lost steam halfway through. When I'm done this stretch of work, I'll probably be able to finish. I also semi-recently found another shipping carrier for my keychain store, and now I can actually offer tracked shipping for less than 20 dollars. Yay!

2024/03/05 - What's new?

I wanna try out this whole microblogging thing... Recent additions to the site include slapping a gradient on every single element that can possibly have a gradient, as well as adding a formal character page to my confibula stories. (They even wiggle when you hover on them!) Practicing absolute positioning and stuff. I also made a comic for reading purposes on my HnK fanfiction portion of the site. I reckon I'll make some more in the future... I'm also thinking of making more shrines to keep my Microsoft Optical Comfort Mouse 1000 shrine company. Maybe my favorite dinosaur on display at the ROM, or books that I like, or turing patterns... Turing patterns are cool... I also need to fix up my gallery because all of the images there are broken. Oops. That's what I get for hosting images on discord.